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Best Career Option in 2014/15

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In the current competitive job market, choosing a proper career is absolutely essential. Now, while choosing your career you also have to know whether you are suitable for the job. So, checking your employability skills, aptitude skills and personality factors is indeed very essential for filtering the perfect career alternative. At, we help you to know better about your employability skills with our viable and extremely effective employability tests. Our tests help you to identify your employability quotient which again paves way for your perfect job. Check out the top careers of 2014/15 below and also try our tests to find out your best career option.

Best Career Option – Top 10 for 2014/15


According to career gurus, the Management industry will have a huge boom in 2014/15. So, secure your jobs as management professionals if you wish to delve into the intricacies of entrepreneurial programs.

IT and Software

IT and Software has consistently stood out as a prospective career option to many. This year too, the IT sector will have a prospective option for many. So, if you love coding, programming and handling various software programs, this option can be your perfect bid.

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry has turned out to be a lucrative sector in the last few years. So starting a career in this sector can help you earn huge bucks. So, if you have the aptitude for this sector, try it out and enjoy a perfect career.

Oil and natural gas sector

This sector provides you the opportunity to earn a lucrative salary. According to the career management experts, the oil and natural gas sector is going to enjoy high profits in 2014. Besides this, the various PSUs too have a high demand for employees.

BPO’s and KPO’s

With the various options for outsourcing, BPO’s and KPO’s have stood out to be one of the best job sectors this year. So, if you have good communication skills, and if you can handle pressure, this job can be the perfect option for you.

Human Resource person

Choosing your career as a human resource person can also help you earn big bucks. Since the last few years, this profession is highly in demand and this year too, there will be no exception.

Event Management

The Event management sector has had boom since the last few years. So, if you can make contacts easily and if you have a good concept of planning, this job can be your perfect option.

Occupational therapist

The job of an occupational therapist is a lucrative one and it also helps you earn a envious salary. An occupational therapist works in rehabilitation centres, hospitals, medical units and also schools.

Database administrator

If you are a computer geek, the job of a database administrator is perfect for you. Such an administrator sets the database of a company, according to the company’s requirements. This job has a commendable salary and also various additional perks.


The last few years have witnessed a remarkable growth in the pharmacy industry. The job of a pharmacist is to use his technical and organizational skills to help customers every day.

Wondering which is thebest career optionfor you? Well, simply try our getmet employability skills test to know how employable you are. The series of tests will also provide the notion of whether you are actually employable for your chosen job. Take your try at our tests for quick and hassle free solutions regarding choosing your career.