Communication: The Stepping Stone into the Corporate World

Business world today appears highly competitive. On completion of your college, you need to compete globally in the corporate world. Your educational background is not the only determining factor for the possibility of getting employed. For graduates, post-graduates, and freshers to survive in a corporate space, it is essential to excel at the skill of communication.

The world is currently a vast village with companies spread across with diverse people from various countries with diverse languages and culture. In such cases, communication is the most important to bridge the gap between the candidate and the organization in order to realize the company’s mission and vision. Right from a clerk to a senior executive, ability to interact effectively is crucial. For once, technical skills may get negotiated as they can be taught and learnt. But no compromise can be made for soft skills or communication skills in the corporate world.

This has made it difficult not just for the potential candidates but also for the organizations to hunt for competent individuals to hire. As a result, during the selection process many deserving candidates lacking in communication skills get rejected. The dynamics of corporate culture has made candidates with substandard skills of communication to remain either unemployed or underemployed in the corporates. Stepping into an office, the very first impression one leaves on “to-be” colleagues is through verbal and non-verbal interactions. Though this may not essentially be one’s last impression, nevertheless it assuredly leaves long-lasting impression on the mind of colleagues in corporate.

Let’s understand how communication is one of the vital stepping stones to a satisfactory employment.  For example, you are a fresher and you appear for an interview at a bank where a panel of highly qualified professionals are asking you several questions: Describe yourself, what are your strengths, what are your interests, etc. Clearly communicating about yourself, your ideas and thoughts becomes very important irrespective of the technical knowledge you have acquired through the education.

To take another view, an aspiring fresher on his first day at a sales job is asked to demonstrate how to sell a product, he is expected to present his soft skills and persuade a client to buy the product. Not being able to seek clear information from his authority, the fresher wouldn’t be able to communicate the benefits of the product to the customers resulting in loss of customer’s interest and job dissatisfaction.

In absence of clear internal communication, requests made and information sought ends up suffering delays with more harsh deadlines. Ultimately, the organization will fail at meeting targets and goals, and the employee might end up underperforming or losing the job. The culprit in all of this being deficiency of Vitamin Communication. Efficient communication leads to accuracy at work and increased productivity.

An effective communication consists of the following basic fundamentals: Clear exchange of information, verbally as well as non-verbally. Different ways to enhance skills of communication involves acquiring basic skills (listening, speaking, thinking before presenting ideas), learning company’s style of interaction amongst members and use of formal methods (for e.g., use of mails versus social media platforms).

Effective styles of interactions through effective communication help in building and maintaining workplace relationships.  A manager exceling at this skill helps him build a strong team. A supervisor is able to guide his subordinates in a more functional manner when he has acquired those key skills. Interns and new employees who showcase appropriate soft skills are better able to listen, follow and give inputs in effective ways to their seniors. Overall, communication as a process used in effective ways ensures transparency and facilitates growth.

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