How to choose a career

How to Choose a Career? – 10 Steps

Our early day dreams no longer have any bearing whatsoever on our careers. You may have told yourself throughout your growing-up years that you wanted to be an astronaut but you’re currently light years away from the nearest space station. On the brighter side, if everyone had their dreams come true, the moon would probably be more populated than the earth, the sea would be too full of ships and sailors, and there would be more pilots than airplanes to fly. What happens does indeed happen for the best and as rational human beings most of us end up choosing the right careers for ourselves eventually. But what about the ones who are still confused about which field of work would be right for them? If you are reading this article you are possibly one of them, so here’s how to choose a career in ten steps.

How to choose a career? – 10 Steps

Focus on what you appreciate

An idealist would advise you to focus on what you ‘love’ and not merely like. But in times of widespread unemployment on a global scale, it is best to settle for what you like doing and derive some amount of satisfaction from. It should be enough to keep you motivated throughout a lifetime.

Research your Options

After you have figured out your favorite area of work, it is time to research your options exhaustively. Leave no stone unturned as you go through pages after pages on the internet. By the end you should have several job prospects which suit both your personality and interests.

Discover New Avenues

In any booming industrial sector there will be new job positions cropping up. Be constantly on the lookout for such new career opportunities. You can expect less competition of course, but it goes without saying that unchartered territories call for fresher outlook and increased adaptability.

Take Aptitude Tests

There are numerous websites which allow job seekers to test out their aptitude for a particular line of work. The higher you score the better you are suited for the job in question. These mock tests can also prove to be great practice material for actual job aptitude tests in the future.

Narrow Down your Options

Start filtering your options and make sure you’ve done away with the ones which no longer suit your purpose. You shouldn’t be looking at more than 1-2 career prospects at this stage.

Consult a Job Expert

Although this is not entirely a necessary step of the program, you can always speak to a career consultant and discuss your strengths and weaknesses with him. Professional insight is always going to be an objective and useful guidance in this regard.

Evaluate your Interests

Check with yourself again. Do you really want to do this job? It is never too late to change your mind.

Work as an Intern

Start testing the waters. Working as an intern in your favored industry is the perfect way to gain great insight on how things work on a practical, day-to-day basis. It is easy to apply for internship, and most employers are happy to keep workers without having to pay any wages.


This is another dispensable part of the program which is closely related to the previous step. If your internship is both personally enriching and professionally satisfying, you can ignore this step. Otherwise, you can always go back to step one and shift your focus onto the alternate area of expertise.

Apply for Permanent Positions

Choosing a career is getting half the job done. Apply for full time positions, and with an impressive CV you are going to land a job sooner or later.

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